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2007 Masterlist

I want to thank all the artists and authors for their fabulous work this year. We had truly wonderful fics and art and I hope all of you enjoyed the fest as much as ze_dragon and I did. I especially want to thank fayemeadows, megyal and shoemaster for stepping in and pinch hitting. Without them we'd have been in a bit of a panic. *g* And many thanks as well to clayeer, greenjelloforst, and jujubescavities for being understanding when things needed to be shifted around.

Feel free to post your fics wherever you'd like now; those of you whose stories and art were hosted off-LJ, please leave me a link to where you upload them to. As of now they have no attribution on them on my server and I'd prefer to replace those links on the LJ comm with links that include your name as artist or author. :)

And now to the reveals!

2007 Masterlist of Fic and ArtCollapse )

Happy holidays, everyone!

Well, that's it, folks. We've posted all the fic and art we've received! If for any reason you wrote or drew for the fest and turned in your assignment but didn't receive anything, please let us know.

The reveals will be made sometime on Thursday, so if you'd like to speculate in this post who wrote/drew what, feel free to. Just no confirmations, please! Once the reveals and the masterlist are up, you can feel free to post your fic anywhere you'd like, but we request that you wait until then.

We hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have....and please, remember to leave feedback for the writers and artists!

Happy Holidays, fayemeadows!

To: fayemeadows
From: clayeer

Title: wash away
Rating: pg
Characters: frank/gerard
Warnings: none. nudity?
Disclaimer: i don't know that they don't shower together. then again, i don't know that they do.
Summary: showers?
Notes: brushes from brusheezy. textures from mayang's.

wash awayCollapse )

Mod note: A big thank you to fayemeadows for pinch hitting!

Happy Holidays, mazily!

To: mazily
From: supergrover24

Title: A Movie Script Ending
Rating: R
Characters: Jon Walker, Andy "Butcher" Mrotek, Tom Conrad, Brendon Urie, assorted band members
Word Count: 7666
Warnings: Alcohol (ab)use. Probable timeline inaccuracies. Image heavy.
Disclaimer: All photos property of Tom Conrad. Title from Death Cab For Cutie, Butcher's not-so-guilty pleasure band. Also, no offense meant to anyone. If Jon Walker wasn't where I say he was at a certain point of time, just let it go. It's easier that way.
Summary: Later, driving down to Anaheim after the show, Tom is sure Jon belongs here, settled on the couch next to Butcher, heads together and talking quietly.
Notes: Thanks to N for the location advice, J for hand-holding, and the other N for knowing what tense I really wanted to use.

A Movie Script EndingCollapse )

Happy holidays, frek!

To: frek
From: fayemeadows

Title: untitled
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 1742-ish
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Not real. TOMRAD STEP AWAY FROM THE FIC.
Summary: It's Projekt Gaymolution & Frank *really* wants Gerard.
Notes: Happy Holidays, babe! Hope you like it. And thank you to my beta, M, for listening to me bitch and wibble.

untitledCollapse )

Happy Holidays, megyal!

To: megyal
From: greenjelloforst

Title: and down the strings
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Frank/Patrick, suggested Gerard/Pete, with mentions of Ray and Bob
Word Count: 2529
Warnings: Um, none, really.
Disclaimer: This…never happened. And I don’t own any of the pretty, pretty boys in this.
Summary: college AU! Tiny snippets of what takes place over the course of some weeks.
Notes: Merry Christmas! :) I hope you like you gift, and that it was sort of what you were looking for! Oh, and the title comes is a line from a Van Morrison song, because I am uncreative when it comes to naming things.


and down the stringsCollapse )

Mod note: A big thank you to megyal for pinch hitting!

Happy Holidays, shoemaster!

To: shoemaster
From: jujubescavities

Title: Immortals Decaying Like Our Eternal Love
Rating: G
Characters: Gerard/Frank~ Frerard, Grank, :)
Word Count: Infinite
Warnings: you may be tempted to go wash your hands.
Disclaimer: their faces aren't copyrighted!
Summary: "Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever?; When love must die."
Notes: Bad Camera, Broken Scanner. I hope you like it anyways! Happy Christmas!

Immortals Decaying Like Our Eternal LoveCollapse )

Mod note: A big thank you to shoemaster for pinch hitting!

Happy Holidays, coffeewordangel!

To: coffeewordangel
From: silhouettes1

Title: Change
Rating: PG
Characters: Ray/Bob
Word Count: 1847
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Fiction
Summary: Bob never expected that a chance meeting and a slip of blue paper would mean so much.
Notes: Thank you to my betas for this: S & A

ChangeCollapse )

Happy Holidays, restriction!

To: renne
From: coffeewordangel

Title: As Long As It Matters
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe, but barely.
Characters: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 3,461
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Not real.
Summary: Frank doesn't fuck his friends. Really, he doesn't.
Notes: I started three different fics before deciding on this one. Three. One of which will probably see the light of day at some point in the form of epically long cracktasticness. Anyway, hope you like this, renne. I realize I didn’t hit most of your kinks, but I hope I got close.

As Long As It MattersCollapse )

Happy Holidays, emilydear!

To: emilydear
From: shoemaster

Title: People Mover
Characters: Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1100
Summary: Early days of My Chem. Mostly pre-slash.
Disclaimer: Even more not real than usual.
Notes: Thanks to K for the beta.

People MoverCollapse )